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Dr. Karla Pineda, D.C., LAc.

Dr. Pineda is both a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncturist and practices Prenatal, Pediatric and Family care. She works with men and women, infants, toddlers and children of all ages for both wellness care and the treatment of various conditions.

Dr. Pineda has trained extensively for many years and works wonders for pregnancy aches and pains, functional improvement of the muscle and joints to naturally promote optimal fetal positioning and preparation for labor and delivery. Along with her specialty of pre and post pregnancy, Dr. Pineda has extensive experience in the treatment of symphysis pubic dysfunction (SPD), breech presentation, morning sickness and torticollis in babies.  Dr. Pineda is a Southern California native and mama to 4 year old Lucia, 2 year old Mateo, and newborn Pia.

See Dr. Pineda’s appearance on the Rachel Ray Show demonstrating her technique with fetal positioning and preparation for labor and delivery.

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Dr. Karla is amazing. She was able to help me when I was nine months pregnant. My biggest regret was not finding out about her earlier in my pregnancy. She was able to relax me towards the end of my pregnancy which made my delivery a breeze and believe me having a baby is not easy. I came to her post-partum which I highly recommend especially if you are breastfeeding. She was able to straighten me out. She taught me stretches to maintain my back straight. I felt taller and stronger when I left her office. Her prices are reasonable and makes it easier to come back. Everyone needs a chiropractor like her.
Xiomara R.
Dr. Karla Pineda is experienced, thorough, and very personable.

I’m a freelance graphic designer and I sit in front of a computer making awesome things 8+ hours a day. I love my job but it’s hard on the body. I honestly don’t remember the last time my body felt this good and straight and just…right.

While adjusting me, she gave me exercises I could do to avoid my neck and back from going out on me and feeling pain. I immediately felt relief after she did some muscle work, which is something other doctors don’t do enough off and just crack you; know I know why people recommend her services and come back to see her.

I will definitely be back. Thank you for making a difference Dr. Pineda!

Emmanuel M.

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